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This holiday season, many Yankees fans might not agree with the sentiment expressed below. Instead of waiting for Santa, legions in Yankee Universe have been waiting with baited breath for a left hander from Texas to brighten the new year. In the meantime, however, the off season has kind of taken on the feel of a Yankees Christmas Carol with Brian Cashman in the role of Scrooge. Just check out Emma Span’s brilliant parody at Bronx Banter if you don’t believe me.

Perhaps realizing some of the gloom that exists within the fan base, the Yankees have been careful to wish their season ticket holders holiday greetings. Although things might not be too merry in Yankeeland, the team is certainly not dead as a doornail, so there is still time for Cashman to turn those frowns around. In the meantime, the Yankees will have to abide by the old adage that it is better to give then receive, which, based on revenue sharing calculations, is a sentiment enjoyed all around the major leagues.

For those Yankees fans still discouraged, the following is offered as inspiration. It is a Christmas card from the 1955 season that was printed before the World Series. The inside of the card expresses the eternal optimism of “wait ‘til next year” that had become synonymous with the Brooklyn Dodgers, but by the time Christmas rolled around, Santa had already granted the wish.


Will Santa be as generous to Yankees’ fans in 2011? That remains to be seen, but one thing we know is he will need a lot of assistance from one of his helpers.

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