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When the Yankees landed in Detroit on Monday, it looked like an opportunity to make some hay. However, the team’s suddenly slumbering lumber conspired with several miscues in the field and on the bases to send the Yankees limping to Texas with three losses.

Historically, the Yankees have struggled to score in Comerica Park, so the week’s drought shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise. In the 47 games played since the park opened in 2000, the Yankees have only hit 38 home runs and averaged 4.7 runs per contest.

Yankees at Comerica Park, 2000-2011

47 22 25 1876 1680 221 38 0.263 0.330 0.388

Source: Baseball-reference.com

Although the Motown slowdown was in keeping with past results, the Yankees’ recent swoon extends back even further. Over the last 11 games, the team has averaged only four runs, including a 12-run outburst against the White Sox. If you remove that game from the equation, the team’s average run total drops all the way to three. Not surprisingly, the Yankees have gone 5-6 over this period.

Before the season, most fans probably would have expected the pitching staff to be the root cause of an extended lull. However, responsibility for the Yankees’ first down period falls squarely on the shoulders of the offense. Ironically, if not for the team’s strong starting pitching, the current stretch of 11 games could have been even more costly.

It’s easy to identify the source of the Yankees’ recent woes, but figuring out the reason behind the diagnosis is a much harder task. After all, before the Yankees’ returned home to face the White Sox on April 25, the offense was averaging a whopping six runs per game. So, the question remains, what is behind this recent spiral?


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