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With the trade deadline drawing near and the Mets headed on a road trip that will last until August, Carlos Beltran’s fly out in the ninth inning of this afternoon’s game could turn out to be his last home at bat with the team. Realizing this possibility, what was left of the Citi Field crowd gave Beltran a nice round of applause, but one wonders if Mets fans truly appreciate how good the outfielder has been during his seven years in Flushing?

Although hampered at times by injury, Beltran has enjoyed a mostly productive tenure with the Mets. Based on WAR, he already ranks among the top position players in franchise history, despite having nearly 1,000 fewer plate appearances than many of the other leaders. With playing time factored into the equation, it isn’t a stretch to suggest that Carlos Beltran is the best Mets’ position player of all time.

Top-10 Mets’ Position Players, Ranked by Average WAR*

Player PA bWAR fWAR AvgWAR
Darryl Strawberry 4549 37.7 36.6 37.2
David Wright 4507 31.9 37.8 34.9
Carlos Beltran 3612 32 31.3 31.7
Jose Reyes 4644 27.5 32.4 30.0
Edgardo Alfonzo 4449 29.1 30.7 29.9
Mike Piazza 3941 24.6 30.2 27.4
Keith Hernandez 3684 26.5 27 26.8
Howard Johnson 4591 24.7 24 24.4
Cleon Jones 4683 17.6 23 20.3
John Stearns 3080 18.5 20.1 19.3

*AvgWAR = (bWAR + fWAR)/2
Source: baseball-reference.com (bWAR) and fangraphs.com (fWAR)


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