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While the Yankees spend the weekend at Fenway Park chasing down the pennant, thousands of fans will be running throughout Yankee Stadium in search of a cure for Cancer.

On Sunday, August 7, Yankee Stadium will severe as host to the third annual Damon Runyon 5K, which is being held to support the Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation, a charitable organization that was founded in 1946 to help support the careers of promising young cancer researchers.

Thousands of runners are expected to take part in the five kilometer run, which will wind its way around the Stadium infrastructure before culminating in a victory around the field. Leading the pack will be former Yankee great Roy White, whose 233 career stolen bases rank fifth all-time in franchise history. Although the former outfielder won’t be showing off his speed, as an official race starter, his presence should provide some added inspiration to the runners.

The Damon Runyon 5K at Yankee Stadium has only been held for three years, but the Yankees have had a long standing relationship with the organization, which was named for a classic American writer who began his career as a newspaperman covering baseball.

The series of 1936 may well be called the ‘series of too many heroes.’ It’s difficult to spot the outstanding star on a team where the man with the lowest batting average tied for driving in the second highest number of runs.”Damon Runyon, October 8, 1936, writing about that year’s World Series


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