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In terms of championships, the New York Yankees and St. Louis Cardinals have been the two most successful franchises in the World Series era. However, they haven’t shared many of the same players. Since 1903, when the Baltimore Orioles moved to New York and became the Highlanders (the original name of the Yankees), only 145 players have worn both uniforms. At 1.33 players per year, the Yankees’ crossover with the Cardinals is the lowest rate among all current teams.

Crossover Players, Yankees and Other Current Teams (click to enlarge)

Note: Only considers players who wore the uniform in the current city of all teams. When compared to original NL and AL teams, the Yankees inaugural season in New York (1903) is used as the basis.
Source: Baseball-reference.com

At the other end of the spectrum is the Washington Nationals, with whom the Yankees have shared 25 players in only seven seasons, or 3.57 per year. Meanwhile, Cleveland represents the greatest overlap in terms of total players. Since 1903, 231 individuals have played for both the Indians and Yankees.

Among American League teams, the Yankees have had the least overlap with the Twins. Since the Senators moved to Minneapolis in 1961, only 73 players have worn both uniforms, including Luis Ayala, who currently pitches out of the bullpen for the Yankees, and Carl Pavano, who fronts the rotation of the Twins.

Top-10 Yankees and Twins Crossover Hitters, 1961-2011

Player Yankees Twins Total
Chuck Knoblauch 6.6 35.4 42
Graig Nettles 40.6 0.8 41.4
Cesar Tovar -0.3 25.8 25.5
Dave Winfield 25.6 -0.4 25.2
Butch Wynegar 10.4 14 24.4
Roy Smalley 5.9 18.3 24.2
Jimmie Hall -0.4 15.5 15.1
Roberto Kelly 11.3 1.5 12.8
Eric Soderholm 1.6 8.9 10.5
Matt Lawton -0.5 9.3 8.8

Note: bWAR is baseball-reference’s calculation of WAR.
Source: Baseball-reference.com


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