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The games played over the next week will determine the order in next June's Rule IV draft.

At the beginning of the month, it looked as if baseball had a pennant race problem. With the exception of first place in the AL West, every other playoff position was secured by at least a five game lead. Included among those “safe” teams were the Red Sox and Braves, who each enjoyed a nine game loss column advantage over their league’s fifth best team (Boston actually led the A.L. East by a game). Since then, however, both teams have suffered a September slide, breathing life into what had been shaping up as one of the most mundane pennant races in the wild card era.

Not every team can enjoy the thrill of a pennant race, but that doesn’t mean their games are meaningless. The Houston Astros have been an afterthought for most of the season, but with one more loss, the team will clinch the first pick in the 2012 Rule IV draft. Don’t expect champagne in the clubhouse, but if a Stephen Strasburg-type talent emerges, the team might be popping a few corks in the future.

Teams “Vying” for the Top Slots in the 2012 Draft

Houston Astros 53 101 0.344  –
Minnesota Twins 59 94 0.386 6.5
Baltimore Orioles 64 90 0.416 11
Seattle Mariners 65 89 0.422 12
San Diego Padres 67 88 0.432 13.5
Kansas City Royals 68 87 0.439 14.5
Chicago Cubs 68 87 0.439 14.5
Pittsburgh Pirates 69 86 0.445 15.5


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