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Joe Girardi should be fired. Alex Rodriguez choked again. Mark Teixeira and Nick Swisher aren’t tough enough to perform in the postseason. The Yankees should just let CC Sabathia opt out. He can’t win in October anymore.

For Yankees' fans, an early playoff exit shouldn't have to mean total despair (Photo: AP).

Undoubtedly, many of the sentiments above will be expressed today by Yankees’ fans who are still angry over their team’s early dismissal from the 2011 postseason. Unfortunately, too many of those who follow the Bronx Bombers are of the opinion that if the season doesn’t end with champagne, it must be a failure. Of course, you really can’t blame them when that “all or nothing all” philosophy has also become an organizational mantra.

It might be blasphemous to say in Yankeeland, but winning the division is just as important as winning the World Series. Although most seem to view the 162 marathon as nothing more than a qualifying heat for an October sprint, common sense seems to dictate that these two formats be viewed separately. In many ways, the relationship between baseball’s regular season and playoffs is akin to European soccer teams playing a league schedule along with an international tournament. Both are important, but failure in one shouldn’t take away from success in the other.

Yankees Historical Per Game Run Differential

Source: Baseball-reference.com


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