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Brian Cashman has decided to pull up his chair to the Yankees’ table for three more years by agreeing to a new contract extension, which, if fulfilled, will make him the organization’s longest tenured general manager since Ed Barrow constructed the first dynasty teams from 1921 to 1944.

After decades of having the general manager position be a revolving door, it’s almost hard to fathom the idea of a Yankees’ executive ranking as one of the most senior members of his fraternity, but only the Giants’ Brian Sabean (who was a member of the Yankees’ scouting department when the core four first joined the team) has been on the job longer. During that time, Cashman has had his share of hits and misses, but, for the most part, his stewardship has been a key component of the team’s considerable success.

MLB Team Records During Cashman’s Tenure as Yankees’ GM, 1998-2011

Source: Baseball-reference.com

Sometimes, familiarity can breed contempt, which is why it’s not surprising that a vocal segment of the Yankees’ fan base has soured on Cashman despite the team’s impressive accomplishments. Those critics will often argue that Cashman’s teams should be successful, considering the payroll at his disposal. However, as teams like the Mets have shown, spending money doesn’t always equate to winning. So, even though some of his accomplishments have been predicated upon having a hefty budget, that doesn’t diminish the unprecedented level of success enjoyed by the Yankees under Cashman’s reign.

For a dated evaluation of Brian Cashman’s tenure written before the 2008 season (ironically at a blog that recently announced it would close it doors as a protest to Cashman’s new contract), click here.


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