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Posada's playing days as a Yankee may be over, but his legacy will stand along side other greats of the past (Photo: Reuters).

To those like me who were holding out hope that Jorge Posada might return to the Yankees for one more season, the long-time catcher has a message: “It’s not gonna happen”.

Speaking at a fundraiser for his charitable organization, Posada matter-of-factly stated what most people already suspected. Even though his announcement was far from official, the Yankees’ failure to offer a limited role suggests the feeling is mutual. In fact, Posada’s statement was really more acquiescence to that reality than a conscious decision to move on from the Bronx.

I will always be a Yankee. The New York Yankees, for me, is my second family. It’d be tough to put on another uniform for real and learn a new set of rules. But it’s one of those things where I have to see if I wanna keep playing.” – Jorge Posada, quoted by ESPNNewYork.com

It’s too bad the Yankees weren’t able to carve out a role for Posada, but thankfully, the two sides seem to be parting amicably. Unlike during the season, when Posada often bristled at signs of his Yankee mortality, the catcher’s attitude while addressing the issue suggested complacency. That’s good news for Yankees’ fans who value the legacy left behind by great players. So, instead of the contentious divorce some had feared, it seems as if Posada is set to go his separate way for the time being, but with the expectation of eventually returning to the fold. In other words, it won’t be 20 years before we see number 20 on the foul line during Old Timer’s Day.


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