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Yankees’ manager Joe Girardi has been making waves of late…radio waves that is. Over the past two weeks, the Yankees’ manager has caused such a stir in radio circles that even Heinrich Hertz would be impressed.

Chris Russo frothed at the mouth after Joe Girardi canceled a scheduled guest appearance on his radio show.

At the beginning of March, WFAN afternoon host Mike Francesa announced that Girardi would be expanding his weekly appearance into an almost daily segment before each Yankees game. Getting the manager of the city’s most high profile team on such an extensive basis was seen as a major coup for Francesa, but the win was short lived because less than two weeks later Girardi reportedly backed out of the deal. Despite suffering a small embarrassment, Francesa was gracious in acknowledging that the rigorous demands of a daily segment likely caused Girardi to have a change of heart. When the popular manager backed out a recent segment with Mad Dog Radio’s Chris Russo, however, the reaction wasn’t as understanding.

As reported by the Daily News’  Bob Raissman, the doggie went off his leash when Girardi allegedly backed out of a scheduled segment on his radio show, which has been touring various Spring Training camps during March. Russo reportedly took his program to Port Charlotte on Monday with the expectation that Girardi would appear, but was later surprised when the manager canceled. Needless to say, the Mad Dog became rabid, slamming Girardi and his agent, Steve Mandell, for pulling the plug at the last minute.

After enduring Russo’s on-air tirade, a Yankees source told Raissman that Girardi canceled his appearance, which was never guaranteed, because the manager was in the process of negotiating a deal to appear regularly on Sirus/XM’s (the same company that owns Mad Dog Radio) MLB Channel. As a result, Mandell did not want Girardi to appear on another company station until the terms were finalized. Apparently, that reasoning didn’t mollify Russo, who continued to bash both Girardi and his agent as well as question MLB’s promotional tactics.

But look how bad things are. I’m the only guy doing talk shows [from spring training sites] and [Bud] Selig and the powers that be wonder why a Richmond-Morehead State basketball game gets a better [TV] rating than a baseball playoff game. If they promoted their sport properly that wouldn’t be the case.” – Chris “Mad Dog” Russo, quoted in The New York Daily News, March 25, 2011


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