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It must be something in the Chicago water?

White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen is best known for speaking out of turn, but this time around it’s General Manager Ken Williams who will likely spend the next few days extricating his foot from his big mouth. According to a report on ESPNChicago, Williams called the idea of paying Albert Pujols $30 million “asinine” and went so far as to advocate a season crippling lockout to enforce a salary cap on the MLBPA. Asinine is right, but only if applied to Williams’ warped perspective.

Despite the labor strife that currently grips the NFL and NBA, Williams’ pining for a salary cap is amusing. However, his insinuation isn’t very funny at all. If other owners and general managers share his corrosive beliefs, then maybe Michael Weiner would be wise to treat the upcoming CBA expiration with much more suspicion? At the very least, Weiner should demand an apology from Williams as well as immediate action from Bud Selig. Not only do comments like Williams’ have the potential to poison the current labor peace that exists in the game, but they also demonstrate a shocking ignorance of its economics.

Baseball is currently in the midst of unparalleled popularity and financial growth, not to mention an unprecedented period of cooperation between the owners and players. The last thing the sport needs is someone like Williams recklessly spouting off, especially when the comments belie such ignorance. Going forward, the White Sox would be wise to keep the microphones away from their general manager before he does any more damage. Just to play it safe, the organization might better off if they let Ozzie do all the talking from now on.

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