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The Yankees and Tigers resume their ALDS showdown with what should have been the series opener, but has now developed into a pivotal third game. Entering the series, it was widely believed that the Tigers would need Justin Verlander to win two games in order to advance, but now that rain has limited him to only one full start, Detroit has been forced to a plan B.

One reason so much emphasis was placed on Verlander’s starts is because the other three pitchers in the Tigers’ rotation had never started a postseason game. Entering the series, the Yankees had been 54-33 in games featuring an opposing starter making his playoff debut, so at least from a historical standpoint, it’s easy to see why the rest of Detroit’s rotation might be a little vulnerable.

After Friday night’s rain limited Verlander’s first start to only one inning, it looked as if the Tigers would need a victory from their ace just to keep the series alive. However, thanks to Max Scherzer’s strong outing in game two, the team is now in position to take a commanding lead.

Top-10 Games vs. Yankees by a Starter Making His Postseason Debut, by Game Score

Player Date Series Gm# Opp Rslt GSc
Jack Sanford 10/5/1962 WS 2 SFG W 2-0 84
Ernie White 10/3/1942 WS 3 STL W 2-0 81
Fausto Carmona 10/5/2007 ALDS 2 CLE W 2-1 80
Jack Scott 10/6/1922 WS 3 NYG W 3-0 80
Don Newcombe 10/5/1949 WS 1 BRO L 0-1 79
Preacher Roe 10/6/1949 WS 2 BRO W 1-0 78
Joey Jay 10/5/1961 WS 2 CIN W 6-2 71
Joe Black 10/1/1952 WS 1 BRO W 4-2 71
Max Scherzer 10/2/2011 ALDS 2 DET W 5-3 69
Curt Simmons 10/10/1964 WS 3 STL L 1-2 69

Source: Baseball-reference.com


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